If you simply want your old treasured cassette tape transferred to CD, then you have found the right place. We play the audio from your cassette tape into a software program at the optimum level, convert to CD format (44.1kHz, 16 bit) then record to CD. This simple procedure costs only £25. Extra copies of the same CD cost £3 each. CD cases cost £1 each.


However, we can also improve the audio from your cassette tape (or 4 Track Cassette, Video Tape, CD, MiniDisc, MP3 or Vinyl). After transfer to the Digital studio, we can analyse it for any audio problems. We can largely remove Noise, Distortion, Crackle, Clicks, Ticks, Pops, Hum, Buzz, Hiss, Rumble and Squeaks. We can also edit out any parts of the audio that you don't want. Of course, this all takes time, equipment and skill and the cost depends on the amount of hours put into the work.

The example below takes an old 4-Track cassette, which goes through several processes, to reveal a glossy finished product. As you listen, you will hear the quality improve with each section.

1994 Cassette to Modern Mix - Maxine